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Another Time, Another Place

There’s a lot to be done. The first order of the day: an apology that will no doubt seem completely empty. But nonetheless, I’m sorry. Of course I don’t think so highly of myself to apologise for my lack of presence, but I suppose I’m really apologising about lying. Because I lied about my hiatus. I lied about returning from it, too.

In that, it’s gone on for far longer than I expected – too long – and I’m well aware that I’ve been gone since the start of the year. Things kicked it up a notch for me, I suppose. I landed a job. I landed a full time job which, for the most part has left me mentally drained. I quit that job on Thursday.

But for most of the year, I’ve been left without any free time at all, really. I’ve also been left without any drive, because the evenings have left me ready to sleep, or waste what little time I have, and it’s not healthy and it’s not good, but it’s a habit I’ve grown into. But somehow, knowing that this stage in my life is almost over has brought about a kind of relief … and my goodness, have I missed this.

I’ve missed spending time on WordPress more than I’d probably ever say; because there was a time when I’d get excited about writing my next blog post and networking and interacting and, generally, blogging was exciting. Then, of course, I immersed myself too readily in the spirit of NaNoWriMo, and after Christmas, things just seemed to spiral out of control.

Honestly, they’ve been that way ever since. I won’t go into the specifics, but a lot has happened in the past eight or nine months. Things hit their climax. Now, I have … time.

I have time to focus again. So in typical fashion, and in a very long-winded way, I’m saying I actually am back, now. But, I’m afraid, I have a lot of remodeling to do. But I’ll work out those kinks along the way.



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A Late Start To The New Year …

… although it is a start, nonetheless. Allow me to explain. Admittedly, there is still no improvement on the employment front, which in part was the focus of my leaving. In all other senses, however, things aren’t so bad. Okay, so I haven’t done half of the things I intended to do, but all the same, things aren’t terrible right about now. In fact, things haven’t been terrible for a while – unfortunately, Rootkits happen to be some of the most annoying things known to man, and just about as soon as I got my laptop up and running, yep, one of the damned things burrowed itself so far into my system it was a factory reset. Which kind of left me stumped.

Now, my laptop appears to be on the straight and narrow again (that has no bearing on the paranoia I experience every time I log on, though), and I have an awful lot of books to go through in the next few months … and of course, my first draft of Free Fall is still sitting in a box file under my bed, waiting to be edited.

So Happy New Year, everyone! Thank you all so much for bearing with me – this place will be back up and running before you know it, hopefully without a plethora of absences this time. Coming soon: a number of book reviews and fanfiction-related rambling.


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