The first, and possibly only thing you need to know? I’m a serial

I write. I mean, naturally, I have other interests as well, but I do love writing. So naturally, I’m going to blog about writing; I could blog about singing, or art, or Fallout. However, I’m going to blog about writing because it seems like the only viable thing for me to blog about, and I dedicate an awful lot of time to it. I also feel as though it’s a little easier to blog about writing than it is to blog about, say … sharks. Unless you have a genuine interest in sharks, I suppose.

(God, I love that word … ‘shark’. It sounds so cool.)

The second thing you need to know about me is that I have big dreams and little to no means to achieve those dreams.

I want to go to University, study American Literature, travel, be a published author, and mostly get paid to do what I love. The problem is I love so many things that it eventually becomes very difficult to choose what I love doing most. So with any amount of luck, this blog might also be something of a way in which to track my progress in achieving those dreams. Hell, with enough interest, it might give me the drive to actually do so, rather than resolving to work at various fast food chains for the rest of my life.

So ultimately, this blog is an experiment, a means to vent, and a journey if all goes according to plan.

It is also a way in which to keep my writing ‘up to scratch’ or improve it. Being an unemployed nobody coming up to 20-years-old in the next year, I feel that I need at least something to give my mind a workout every now and then. I’m not writing essays for college any longer, I’m not working in a subject area I would particularly enjoy or that would be beneficial to me; the only things I am left with are reading, writing, and tutoring my younger siblings because they are not gaining a proper understanding of the English language at their respective schools, or so it seems. A shame. I had wonderful English teachers when I was there. I feel quite confident saying that I would have failed my GCSEs without them.

Anyway, on with the show, I am rambling. Usually, I dislike talking about myself, as my profile makes clear; and yes, I am always ready and willing to deflect personal questions. I can only hope that this blog will prove useful somewhere along the line, or interesting, or failing that, something that will cause you to laugh hysterically. At my failure, that is.


4 responses to “About

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  3. *poke* You okay? I’ve missed your posts… Have you stopped blogging or something (please say you’re still blogging)?

  4. *Smiles* hey there; I’m good … I’ll be honest, I guess my hiatus sort of got … accidentally extended. v_v;; I started a new job a couple months ago and things have just been non-stop since then; I desperately want to get back into the swing of things again! It’s just a case of … getting back into the swing of them. I think, once things start to calm down at work (we’re still at the height of our busy period right now, and the summer tends to slow up, or so I’ve heard), I’ll have a chance to draft some new stuff up. (: I can’t remember my last free weekend since the start of the year. It’s crazy! I miss being involved, reading, blogging … so I;m hoping to be back on my feet soon!

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