A Late Start To The New Year …

… although it is a start, nonetheless. Allow me to explain. Admittedly, there is still no improvement on the employment front, which in part was the focus of my leaving. In all other senses, however, things aren’t so bad. Okay, so I haven’t done half of the things I intended to do, but all the same, things aren’t terrible right about now. In fact, things haven’t been terrible for a while – unfortunately, Rootkits happen to be some of the most annoying things known to man, and just about as soon as I got my laptop up and running, yep, one of the damned things burrowed itself so far into my system it was a factory reset. Which kind of left me stumped.

Now, my laptop appears to be on the straight and narrow again (that has no bearing on the paranoia I experience every time I log on, though), and I have an awful lot of books to go through in the next few months … and of course, my first draft of Free Fall is still sitting in a box file under my bed, waiting to be edited.

So Happy New Year, everyone! Thank you all so much for bearing with me – this place will be back up and running before you know it, hopefully without a plethora of absences this time. Coming soon: a number of book reviews and fanfiction-related rambling.



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6 responses to “A Late Start To The New Year …

  1. Hooray! Good to have you back and blogging! I’ve missed your posts! :)

  2. Welcome Back Felicity, you’ve definitely been missed


  3. Just came across your blog, read a few posts.
    Love it!
    Can relate to you so much :)
    Look forward to more posts. xxx

  4. You’ve Been Hit By The Dark Globe, Hope You’re Doing ok Felicity, Like I said above, you are Definitely Missed


  5. Hey there! The Dark Globe follower appreciation post sent me here, and I just wanted to say hello! :) I like your book reviews. Good luck with your employment, I understand how that can be. I hope you can come back soon! :)

  6. Here from the Dark Globe, who want you back! :)

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