‘Teens Can Write Too’

I’d like to take a moment to mention a blog that I feel is worth supporting.

Teens Can Write Too

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been fortunate. My family have been extremely supportive of … what little of my writing they have seen. However, I’m well aware that this is not a philosophy nurtured the world over – something that needs to change, at least a little.

Yes, I do tend to identify myself as a ‘teen writer’ or ‘young writer’, despite the inevitable fact that I’m headed at full-pelt for twenty sooner than I’d like to admit. Everything I’ve written of my own free will, however, has been written in my teens. It’s been a learning curve, but I don’t feel that there’s any need to judge a writer on the basis of age; all should be judged on the basis of skill.

So yes, I do believe that teens can write, too, and that they can do it well, and as such, I urge you all to check this blog out; you might find out a couple of surprising facts. I know I did.



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3 responses to “‘Teens Can Write Too’

  1. I am a “Teen Writer” and although my dad and mum are not that sportive because I am also very academic, I have a lot of people who do support me and love my writing, you are write age shouldn’t matter.

    • It’s good that you have people who do support your writing, though a shame about your parents; writing in itself, while being a creative pursuit almost goes hand-in-hand with academics! I wish you all the best with your writing – it’s good to hear from fellow teen writers! (:

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