A Suspicious Lack Of …

Work. No, I’m not talking about the job market I am so inclined to complain about, but simply there being a suspicious lack of work here.

On the plus side, I find myself having increasingly more to say, and now that the school year has started up again, an increasing amount of time in which to say it. Whether or not this is actually a good thing is down to you; the pointless jabbering of a waster might not seem all that illustrious at all. It is fun though.

Anyway, by work, I do mean things other than posts about writing. But, that’s normal for a writing blog! Yes, of course, but both my Excerpts & Short Stories, and my Book Reviews sections are seeming a little neglected at present. The Excerpts & Short Stories more than the Books Reviews, of course, as I am taking a little time to write more reviews at present. Perhaps it is a certain lack of conviction that holds me back from submitting anything else. Perhaps it is a lack of direction.

Pointless musing, really, and a small feeling of guilt that perhaps I should try harder in this respect. It’s one thing to constantly write about writing, and quite another to actually write.


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