A Twist

The subject of A Level results has hardly been downplayed this year, irrespective of anything and everything that has gone on pertaining to Higher Education (I’m sure we all know what I’m talking about here).

I’m not going to University this year. The exact reasons behind it are not so much complicated as many, and my next step was to, essentially,  start claiming Job Seekers Allowance while steering myself towards the bleak, desolate land otherwise known as the current job market.

Results day has left me utterly confused. While desperately wanting that A Grade in English Language and Literature, I never thought I would get it. Hence why I didn’t even try to entertain the prospect of getting into University – admittedly, not all of my grades reach the same standard, however, there is one that makes me wish I’d have studied it sooner. Made different choices. Hindsight would be a wonderful thing, I suppose. I got the grade, by the way.

Now that I’ve gained a little more confidence in my ability (that I have always, always put down to a lack of application that yields surprising results – I didn’t focus throughout my GCSEs, and my A Level track record has been … shabby at best) I am forced to consider that perhaps I should put it to use of some kind. No, I do not consider myself gifted, talented, or particularly special in any way. I just have this unfortunate habit of fragmenting my grades to the point of not being able to take them anywhere – A Levels, half A Levels (left behind at AS), and underpinning it all is one undeniable fact: I’m nineteen, twenty next year, I need to broaden my horizons. That, and I cannot think of any conceivable way in which to afford an education next year. This is before transport is thrown into the equation.

Essentially, this entry is most likely pointless, forgettable, and possibly unreadable. Mostly it is the acknowledgment of something I am proud of, and other things I am not so proud of, and the sudden questions and possibilities they pose. In fact, writing this has been nothing short of simply raising my hands and proclaiming ‘I’m lost’.


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