It’s Never Too Late …

… to come up from behind. Or at least, I hope it isn’t. My Camp NaNoWriMo endeavours aren’t going too badly, and I’m aware that with two or three sessions of concentrated writing in the next week, I should be able to finish this novel by the end of the month; that is, after all, my goal. Fifty-thousand is all fine and good, but if I’ve only reached chapter ten by the end of it, then I haven’t done what I need to do, and this novel isn’t going to write itself.

I wonder if that’s possible. Then again, no; even if a machine was to write it, the novel still wouldn’t be writing itself, would it? Oh well.

That only serves to further my initial point. This novel won’t get written unless I write it, even if I sold off the entire plot (which isn’t really that desirable to begin with) and allowed someone else to get on with it, which I doubt anyone would agree to do. Actually, I rather enjoy the prospect of challening myself – actually catching up from behind for once, as opposed to berating myself about not reaching my own personal goal.

On a somewhat unrelated note, my lack of application to projects I spend plenty of time getting off the ground but subsequently forget about is starting to show already. I didn’t realise that it’s been three days already, I suppose I just … got distracted? I’m also well aware of the sheer amount of self-indulgent nonsense this blog already contains, but the fact of the matter is, I don’t feel at all qualified to instruct others on how to write. Tutorials … advice … I have to admit, I don’t much feel like offering these things, just because there’s always the chance of being struck down. That and I wouldn’t think that anyone would be interested in an advice blog, when there are already so many of those things out there.

What I do hope to put into action soon enough are some topics that inspire discussion and debate. I never said I was afraid of a little controvery, by any means.


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