Overexertion, Maybe

Of course, I’m not sure how notable it is to say I’ve been entering a large number of competitions lately. They’re mostly forum-based, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that I fear I may have entered too many.

That said, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I love the sensation of feeling a little overworked, and knowing that I have strict deadlines to keep to. It’s part of what makes November such a successful month for me. It may also be some kind of reasoning for my constant procrastination and borderline laziness that usually produces results before the clock strikes twelve, rather than six hours before that when I was well within the deadline limits.

Nonetheless, I’ve been writing a lot more than I usually do as of late, and it’s actually a very refreshing change of pace. My problem is usually that an idea sparks, and I want to write it, but then spend so long hung up on where it’s going that I lose that sudden urge, and the excitement that comes with it, usually resulting in a project of much less quality than I expect of myself. With less passion and drive behind the words. That won’t do at all.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m writing a lot, and yes, it feels very good.


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