The Beginning

I’ve lost track of the amount of times I have set up a blog only to abandon it mere weeks, even days, later. This is down to a number of reasons; procrastination, forgetfulness, becoming over-encumbered with life, procrastination, lack of things to say, abandoning projects, loss of Internet access and procrastination.

In case I didn’t already make that clear, I’m a serial procrastinator.

I wait and wait on things until I’m so far past the deadline it ceases to become clear as to whether there was a deadline to begin with. Or whether I actually knew that I was involved in a certain project.

Have I made a silent pact with myself not to let this attempt go to waste? No. I’ve found that, far too often, I start writing blogs for the sake of other people, rather than using them to channel my own thoughts and opinions. However, as with most projects, this has come about at a time where I’ve found my mind brimming with thoughts and ideas, and these will no doubt dissipate as time goes on. I lose sight of most of these thoughts and ideas, and I become afraid to share my opinions in case they offend anybody.

Therefore, let it be known that relatively little of what I say is said through malice of any kind. It’s usually more ‘you caught me in a bad mood during which time I happened to open up my browser and post on my blog’ or ‘this riles me up so much I just had to post about it’.

Either way, this is, first and foremost, a blog about writing; a concept that is overdone, yes, but a subject matter that I’m passionate about and feel the need to share in some way, shape or form.


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